difference between java and c++

In this article we explain different between c++ and java

difference between c++ and java

C++ vs Java

Comparison Index C++ Java
Object-oriented C ++ is an object-oriented language. But, in C language, single root hierarchy isn't possible. Java is also an object-oriented language. However, everything is an object in Java. It is a single root hierarchy because everything is derived from java.lang.Object.
Platform-independent C++ is platform-dependent. Java is platform-independent.
Compiler and Interpreter C ++ uses only the compiler. C ++ is compiled and run using a compiler that converts the source code into machine code, hence relying on the C ++ platform. Java uses both compiler and interpreter. Java source code is converted to biotech at compile time. The interpreter performs this biotech on the run-way and produces output. Java is explained as why it is independent.
Thread Support C ++ does not have built-in support for threads. It relies on third-party libraries for thread-support. Java has built-in thread support.
Hardware C++ is intaractive with hardware. Java isn't so interactive with hardware.
Mainly used for C++ is mainly used for system programming. Java is mainly used for application programming. Java is largely used in window, web-based, enterprise and mobile applications.
Design Goal C++ was designed for systems and applications programming. It was an extension of C programming. Java was designed and built as an interpreter for printing systems but later expanded to be a support network computing. It was created with the goal of being easy to use and accessible to a wide audience.
Operator Overloading C++ supports operator overloading. Java does not support operator overloading.
Multiple inheritance C++ supports multiple inheritance. Java doesn't support multiple inheritance through class. this can be achieved by interfaces in the java.
Documentation comment C++ does not support documentation comment. Java supports documentation comment (/** ... */) to build documentation for java source code.
Structure and Union C++ supports structures and unions. Java doesn't support structures & unions.
Pointers C++ supports pointers. We can write pointer program in C++. Java supports the pointer internally. However, you cannot write a pointer program in Java. This means that pointer support in Java is prohibited in Java.
Goto C++ supports the goto statement. Java doesn't support the goto statement.
Call by Value and Call by reference C++ supports both call by value and call by reference. Java supports call by value only. There are no call by reference in java.

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